M & W offers consulting services to the energy, power, process, petrochemical, refining, infrastructure, and government market segments.  We serve electric, gas, and water utility companies; petroleum refineries, storage and transportation firms; petrochemical and inorganic chemical companies; and oil and gas exploration, production, and pipeline enterprises.

As a premier consulting group, M & W delivers consulting and advisory services spanning businesses, technical, strategic management, economics and regulatory issues.  Evaluations of alternative energy sources, including assessments of proven and emerging technologies and overall supply and distribution economics, are an active and growing advisory area.

Since the firm was originally founded in Pascagoula, Mississippi 17 years ago, M & W has become highly regarded and earned a reputation for excellence.

The professionals of M & W assist clients with turning concepts into projects through an integrated structure and an interdisciplinary approach.  M & W is a knowledge-based group known for timely delivery of superior ideas, solutions, and analyses.  Our strength in the marketplace is a combination of technical understanding and business acumen, combined with our access to M & W's unique resources.  By combining financial, scientific, and technical expertise with commercial business knowledge and the practical knowledge of engineering and construction professionals, we help our clients address critical issues, achieve business objectives, and benefit from market opportunities.  Clients worldwide call on us for professional expertise, insight, and value.

The employees and management of M & W are firm in our commitment to excellence, flexible in our project execution, and focused on our clients' goals.